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There are plenty of factors that hinder search rankings. Let us analyze your site and get it optimized!


What we do

We build marketing campaigns that make the phone ring.

Years of experience with a proven record of accomplishment led us to advance in our career. we worked with some of Canada's Leading Digital Marketing Agencies since 2011; including Search Engine People, VerticalScope, SearchKings, eDealer, N5R, and many others.

PPC Ads | Google Ads

Senior Digital Marketing and Paid Media Specialist. SEM & PPC Account Manager. With over 10 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Manager in Toronto, we are passionate about Digital Marketing and Leads Generation. we continually Creates and refines paid media campaigns in Google, Bing, Facebook and other platforms based on new industry trends and best practices to achieve higher ROI.

Data Analytics

Turning analytics data to business insights and being able to tell a story based on data is a unique style that we adapted, to maximize performance and improve conversion rates.

We’ve helped more than 200 clients

From Auto Dealerships, to Professional Services: Lawyers & Drs, to Skill Trades: Plumbers, Roofers, and Renovations to E-commerce store. We help them all to grow.

The 1’s and 0’s that makes marketing work best

We make decisions based on data. As we say here in Banoo, let the data decide.

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